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26 Mar

Introduction: Real estate industry has been an important segment where people have been investing for returns and / or for self use. When investment in real estate is thought about, one should bear in mind the purpose of investing. The appetite for that incredible homes with exhaustive amenities, facilities and features, open spaces in the residential segment and cutting edge, fine architecture with exclusive features in commercial segment, in established and fast developing localities, yet affordable are favoured by many and people are willing to invest for these purposes.

Is It Wise To Invest In Upcoming Project? Investment in real estate projects whether in commercial or residential domain is still an important investment instrument for many, specially for long term - however, residential developments are mostly a preference amongst many. People invest mostly in real estate projects for self use in the long run, might or might not sell it later at much profit as per requirements and circumstances, for investment purposes and sell it at a higher price whenever feasible or to let-out for rental income and subsequently sell it off or use it. Real estate market has been a lucrative industry since quite sometime now and it has been a trend that people are buying properties both in commercial and residential domains. Newer the project better are the chances of getting extremely contemporary developments with everything being packaged with what the customers are preferring today and with smarter and technically extremely advanced in all aspects. Upcoming projects bring in a lot of newness and innovation to the properties, because of which it is better to invest in those. But, not without caution! One has to factor various aspects before deciding to go ahead and invest. Prime reasons for consideration are:- 

1) Demand: One has to study the market as to how much there is a demand currently for real estate and if people are really investing. It has also to be considered if the property will appreciate enough in the future so that it can yield profit in case of resale.

 2) Builder: It is important to ensure that the investor chooses the builders who are renowned, have a credible reputation in the market and who have delivered stellar projects in the past and within the set deadline.

 3) Location: The location of the upcoming project also make a huge difference. Projects in established and fast developing localities which are visibly undergoing phenomenal development at a rapid pace are worth considering as these will appreciate. 

4) Reason: The investor will have to factor the reason for which one wants to invest in the upcoming project. If it is for self use, one generally goes for the best project with exclusive features and amenities. If it is for investment purposes and to let out, one can still compromise and go for basic project or smaller ones as per the reasons ascertained. Once the prime reasons are considered, the discerning investors can choose to invariably invest in the upcoming projects. 

Which Builder To Choose In Bangalore? It has been the rising trend today where people have been in look out for spaces whether in commercial or residential which give them an assurance to provide them simply the best. The builders today also are conceptualising and delivering outstanding projects regularly. Bangalore, the progressive and the smart city of India which is also a preferred destination for the global IT companies, including domestic start-ups, because of which the city is experiencing major population influx from across the country, is also witnessing major commercial and residential real estate development. In both the domains one can witness the tremendous facelift the cosmopolis has undergone with increasing demand in properties and the city is mushrooming continually with developments at a very fast pace. The builders in Bangalore are very much keeping up with the trend and customer requirements to innovate and develop properties in both commercial and residential domains packaged with very modish features, decked with extensive amenities and facilities, topped with affordability, right locations, deliver projects as promised and within deadlines. The top-notch builders in Bangalore leave no stone unturned to launch and deliver some excellent projects as per the demands. Some of the key builders of Bangalore, who are credible and favoured amongst the people here, with their brief profiles are enlisted below:- 

Prestige Group: Prestige Group, established in 1986 and since over a decade now, has become one of the most prominent and credible real estate developers with some of the excellent projects delivered in Bangalore and South India. The group is the one and only developer in South India, with widely diverse portfolio covering the residential, commercial, retail, leisure and hospitality segments. Having completed 247 projects covering over 134 million sq. ft., currently the company has 45 ongoing projects spanning 52 million sq. ft. and 57 mn. sq. ft. of upcoming projects of world-class real estate space across asset classes. With all its profound expertise in real estate domain, innovative techniques and broad experience gained over a span of decades, coupled with delivering simply the best with a team of extremely skilled professionals, whether it is the architecture, the amenities, the state of the art technology, the aesthetics, Prestige Group makes a benchmark in all the projects it undertakes. Prestige Group offers each city an unsurpassed experience with landmark malls, large townships, tech parks, hotels, luxury villas, and SEZs. The company has pioneered many landmark developments and introduced many firsts to South India. Prestige Group has also won a plethora of international and national awards over the last few years, across categories. Prestige Group with all the accomplishments and consistent quality delivery over decades, has become one of the most favoured developers today. 

The Prestige City - The Coming Soon Mixed Development 

Sobha Limited: Sobha Limited ventured in real estate industry in the year 1995, with its headquarters in Bangalore. Sobha has gained prominence in the real estate sector as being one of the most credible brand and in 2006 it went public through its initial public offering. Its key forte being residential and contractual projects, offering all kinds of spectacular homes decked with world-class amenities in the residential arena and wide variety of commercial structures constitute the contractual projects. The company has always strived for benchmark quality, customer centric approach, robust engineering, in-house research, uncompromising business ethics, timeless values and transparency in all spheres of business conduct with skilled and efficient workforce, making it a preferred real estate brand in India. 

Godrej Properties: Godrej Properties is the real estate wing of the prominent Godrej Group which was established way back in 1897, known for varied business portfolio that includes real estate development, fast moving consumer goods, advanced engineering, home appliances, furniture, security, and agri-care. Godrej Properties incorporates the group's philosophy of innovation, sustainability, and excellence to the real estate industry. Each Godrej Properties development combines a 123–year legacy of excellence and trust with a commitment to cutting-edge design and technology. It is involved in developing sizable and outstanding projects in commercial and residential domains. Godrej Properties has delivered many firsts in the Indian real estate market over the years. In recent years, Godrej Properties has received over 250 awards and recognitions. In 2010, Godrej Properties became a publicly listed company through a successful IPO in which it raised USD 100 million. It is also recognised for nurturing and appreciating and its people and practices. 

Brigade Group: Established in 1986, the real estate developer, Brigade Group, has become one of the professional, and a leading developer in diverse multi-domain portfolio in property development, property management services, hospitality and education. Brigade Group has been developing projects across South India. With many prominent structures developed to its credit, constantly evolving with the use of state of the art technologies, partnership with top architects, master planners, contractors, suppliers, consultants in the industry, team of professionals working for the group, adherence to the much required quality standards and processes, Brigade Group has earned many awards and accolades, for delivering top notch products. With these reputed builders of Bangalore, who have a brilliant record of delivering relentlessly the best in both commercial and residential domains, the cautious investors can definitely explore their projects as per their requirements.

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